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Recognize shrinking film

Heat shrinkable film is a good film packaging materials, it has the following advantages: (1) good transparency, allowing customers to directly see the packaging of goods for customers to select goods; (2) close to the commodity shape (4) can be a variety of goods packaged in a heat shrinkable packaging bags, to prevent the individual commodity of the package, the contents of a wide range of packaging; (3) anti-theft, dust-proof good; (5) The use of different resins and formulations, can produce different mechanical strength and function of heat shrinkable film, can be used for lower strength, less weight of the inner packaging, can also be used to request High-strength containers used in mechanical products, building materials used in transport packaging (packaging).
    Shrink film first appeared in the Second World War in Germany, the use of PVDC, the two-way stretch after packing weapons, to prevent rust. Therefore, the heat shrinkable film from the beginning of industrial production after the use of industrial packaging, and only then the heat shrinkable film for food packaging, for example: PVDC casing for sausage packaging. The heat-shrinkable film is stored in the film by the energy of the film stretched longitudinally or transversely in a highly elastic state, and by the memory effect possessed by the thermoplastic in the form of the biaxial or uniaxially stretched state, Can restore the shape before the function of stretching to achieve packaging purposes. Heat shrinkable films are widely used as examples of memory effects with a wide range of polymers.

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