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Domestic plastic products market demand forecast

The future demand of domestic plastic products market is mainly concentrated in agricultural plastic products, plastic packaging products, building plastic products, industrial transportation and engineering plastics products in several areas. PE shrink film
    According to the Ministry of Agriculture statistics, China's horticultural facilities used in cultivation of plastic film, with ammoniated film, silage film and stretch film forage film, plastic nursery containers, shade nets, fishing nets, foam sheet, Products 3 million tons.
    In addition, the demand for agricultural plastic water-saving equipment is also great, each year needs a variety of plastic water-saving devices such as various types of pipes and fittings, emitters, sprinklers, impermeable film, geotextile weaving 1.7 million tons.
    Plastic packaging as the main packaging material is an inevitable trend. China is currently more than 50% of the use of composite cement bag woven bags, as well as mineral products, synthetic resin, salt, sugar, cotton and wool, also extensive use of plastic packaging.
    In addition, China's small grain packaging at least a year need a variety of plastic substrate 1.1 million tons.
    Food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, detergents, cosmetics, chemical products in China's rapid development, their composite film, packaging film, containers, turnover boxes, plastic trays and other packaging products have a great demand. There are also convenience foods, dairy products, canned food, MSG, candy, biscuits and other needs of various packaging materials of millions of tons. Drug packaging also has a large market. To sum up, the total demand for packaging materials is about 5.5 million tons per year.
    Plastic building materials mainly include plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, building waterproof materials, thermal insulation materials, decoration materials, in the construction, municipal engineering, construction of villages and towns and industrial construction in a wide range of uses. Plastic building materials can not only replace wood, steel and other traditional building materials, but also has energy and materials, protecting the ecological and other advantages. Expected "Eleventh Five-Year" period of plastic building materials will maintain an average annual growth rate of 15%.
    Engineering plastics is the fastest-growing category in the plastics industry, with the rapid development of China's economy, its scope and number of applications continue to increase. Products in this field include transportation, transportation, plastics, electronics, electrical, engineering plastics and other information industry. It is estimated that by 2010, only the demand for automotive plastics will reach 100 million tons. PE shrink film

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