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Shrinking film behind the rapid growth

Shrink film packaging sales of about 200 million US dollars, according to the information that in the next five years alone in the application of shrink film on the packaging of the sales revenue will grow to 300 million US dollars is expected to the entire industry Should at least double. Other industry applications (such as cans, batteries, etc.) for shrinking film packaging are actually a bit earlier, although the pace of development in this area is not that fast, but the annual growth rate has reached 30%.
The market is the main driver of growth. In the beginning, shrink film packaging and shrink film labels were only favored by small companies that, because of their small size and high profile, had a small market share, and even little-known counters at shopping malls or supermarkets Shelf hard to find "trace." These small companies do not invest huge advertising costs, but the use of the overall shrink shrink packaging, with exquisite images to attract a large number of consumers. When this bold, dynamic packaging products with traditional packaging products placed together, immediately can give a clear contrast to win the hearts of many consumers, the fact that: This strategy has achieved great success .
With the improvement of living standards, more and more demand for milk, shrink film packaging and shrink film labels in the milk packaging market is very popular; sports drinks is a newly opened market in recent years, the development of sports drinks is very fast; In addition, the juice market also has great potential. These are just some of the major markets, in addition, there are many scattered markets, such as personal care consumer goods, ready-to-drink coffee and tea market, the development speed is relatively fast.

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