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  Weishanxian Ruixin Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. in China's Shandong beautiful home of the Railway guerrilla-Hill Lake, where property rich landscape beckons, the East according to the Beijing-Shanghai railway and Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, - from the airport only one hour in Xuzhou distance; 104 National Road runs through the city, 10 million mu of natural flowers, attracting foreign tourists. Beautiful environment, transport facilities, the development of the company to offer good conditions. The company has several advanced blown film equipment, strong technical force, more than 10 senior professional and technical personnel, detection equipment, product quality and stability. PE is specializing in the production of heat shrinkable film, PVC heat shrinkable film, POF heat shrinkable film, LLDPE stretch of Plastic Color Printing labels Chanraomo professional plastic packaging enterprises.

  I companies to the modernization of equipment and scientific management, first-class product, first-class quality, first-class service, warm welcome to all the friends, the letter calls business negotiations, I will be dedicated to provide you with the most satisfactory services.

  Weishanxian Ruixin the quality of packaging materials Limited principle is "to the quality of survival, and to win customer service, innovation and development, extension credibility to the market."

  Our aim: to create first-rate products, sincere customer service!

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TEL:0537-8237898 5031988 FAX:0537-8263898
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